About stereosleep

Don Solo, guitarist and songwriter began writing playing guitar before undergrad in college and has been playing for about 16 years. He began writing songs in 2003 and recording them on the 60 second sound recorder on an old PC laptop. Song writing became a nearly constant passion and he began to amass a library of tiny 60 second songs often pasted together to four to five minute length. The sound quality was horrible, but this was the basis for the sound you hear today.

stereosleep has been rocking DC since 2010. It has played many of the city’s major venues and festivals. It has headlined shows at Velvet Lounge, Black Cat, Rock and Roll Hotel, DC9, IOTA, the Howard Theater, Fort Reno, H Street Festival, and Jamin Java, and many more.

The band took off in 2011 with it’s first show at Rock and Roll Hotel and has been rocking DC ever since. Although the band’s line up has changed, the music remains heart felt and aggressive.

stereosleep’s sound is real rock music with depth and rich soulfulness. Perhaps it was said best by DC Rock Live’s David Hintz, “The opening cut sets the tone with bright strong guitar melodies that drop down into a thick murky chorus passage. The contrasts here are fascinating. The bass playing is loose while the guitars alternate between locked in interplay and passages where there is room to breathe. The drums pound away and there is always a satisfying vibe in each song.”

The music is all at once heartfelt and very cerebral…a very intense sonic art that illustrates the tension, happiness, sadness, frustration, longing, and excitement of life. We are a wet dream or nightmare in stereo.

DC Deli-Magazine, Band of the Month, June 2011