DC Rock Music Live, in a review of stereosleep's August 14th, Black Cat show said, "Speaking of unique modern rock bands...  another intriguing area quartet that combines a couple of guitars with an occasional move to keyboards. The opening cut sets the tone with bright strong guitar melodies that drop down into a thick murky chorus passage. The contrasts here are fascinating. The bass playing is loose while the guitars alternate between locked in interplay and passages where there is room to breathe. The drums pound away and there is always a satisfying vibe in each song..."


In it's review of stereosleep's June 24th show at DC9, Brightest Young Things described stereosleep this way, "Singer Donny Ray had intense vocals with real range and a Cee Lo Green tonality.  The band is tight and barely paused between songs. Donny Ray would announce the title of a track and they’d jump right into it without missing a beat, so to speak."  


stereosleep is an indie rock band based in Washington, DC   The band fuses grunge, punk, garage, and soul to create a new style of music that has yet to be defined.  The band believes in the power of its music and works tirelessly creating and perfecting the sound.  The band continues to grow its fan base within the city, across the country, and around the world.  We welcome you to our world and invite you to explore our music and our psychology.  



News and Press

Taught to Kill Single Release April 15

Head over to www.soundcloud.com/stereosleep to hear our new single, Taught to Kill and it's B-side, Sunburns before its official release on iTunes, Spotify, and all your favorite music sights on April 15th.

New Recordings!

We are currently recording new songs at Mobtown Studios in Baltimore. We look forward to putting it up when its ready.